The Design Process ---------------> The Path To Success….

Client Design Meeting

-This starts the process with a meeting between the Client and the Lead Landscape Architect to help develop a criteria that best fits the Client’s needs, likes, and dislikes. We believe that the design process should involve the Client as much as it does us.

Site Analysis & Site Inventory

-This step involves us traveling to the site for the purpose of measuring and locating important site features. We also analyze elements like grades, drainage patterns, solar patterns, significant existing trees and shrubs, utilities, and other important factors that impact design.

Design Development

-We combine the Client’s criteria information, the site analysis and inventory, with other governing regulations to help with the development of the design concepts. Then J. Buckley & Associates comes together as a group to brainstorm design concepts for the Client to review. These concepts include different solutions for the hardscape and softscape design depending on the project.

Client Review Meetings

-These Meetings are attended by the Client and the Project Manager or Lead Landscape Architect to review the proposed design concepts for the Clients approval. We then take the Client’s comments and apply them to their design. At this stage the Client has an opportunity to make decisions on which concept they would prefer to develop.

Conceptual Design Completion

-The Final Conceptual Design is presented to the Client. The Client has a choice to either move forward into the construction phase or take the design.

Construction Documents

-This is where detailed drawings showing spot evaluations, layouts, details, sections, elevations, and specifications are created prior to construction. We believe that the more detailed the plans are the less chance you have of costly time overruns in the field.


-Once the permits for the project have been obtained, a time-line for construction completion is developed. At this point, the Project Manager coordinates labor forces, the delivery of job materials, inspections, etc. The Project Manager also provides the Client with updates as needed.

Project Completion

-This is where the last nail has been driven, the last shrub has been planted, and the final cleanup has been performed. A final walk-through is held with the Client and the Project Manager or the Lead Landscape Architect to review the finished project.